Thursday, October 9, 2008

Art of relationship....!

Curriculum at school teaches you math, science, art literature, even sex education. But no one has text books, class rooms, faculty, or manuals that address the most important issue of life - relationship management. As we go through life, we need to adapt ourselves to new gadgets, new lifestyles, new surroundings, and unheard of issues in Politics, finances, society, natural calamities etc....!
How about some one write a legit manual for school kids in their lingo, on how to have healthy relationships free from break ups. And then follow it up as a basic subject for undergrad students....for is'nt that the most vulnerable time of one's life. it would go a long way in breaking boundaries of individual complexes, and behavioural problems among youth. It would prepare youngsters to get into relationships with more confidence, and commitments. Children born out of such relationships would certainly be more balanced, and homes/families would be united at all times....!
Hatred among teens for their progenators has grown to a humungous volume. Some times even parents atrocities are not be continued.

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